Enforcing Property Rights with Digital Assets

Digital assets may liberate capital, but they require legal recognition to gain widespread adoption.

Introduction to Enterprise Blockchain

A brief overview of the enterprise blockchain landscape.

Unbundling the Bloomberg Terminal

Symphony is betting against Bloomberg by unbundling chat from market-making.

API Underwriting and the Future of Lending

By the year 2022, lines of credit will oblige borrowers to perform complex specialized tasks in the future, such as creating a sponsored Instagram post with a certain number of impressions, contributing code to an open source software project, or driving an hour for Uber.

Why Your SaaS Needs a Pricing Page

SaaS websites should be designed to engage candidly with your customer, and this interaction happens on the pricing page.

The Logic of Cooperating With Your Competitors

In the face of an uncertain future, competitors in an industry may form alliances to gain strength in numbers.